conceptual illustration of a woman chasing speach bubles.

Cleevio website illustrations

Series of conceptual illustrations and icons for the Cleevio website. The illustrations bring a light-minded and human touch to the brand communication depicting key concepts of an app development process in a non-literal way.



Art Director

Jaromir Kveton

conceptual illustration of a couple running and holding a flagcleevio website mockup conceptual illustration of a man holding a giant pencil on the right hand and a giant celphone on the left. Depict the idea of creating appscleevio website banner with a woman enjoying a roller coaster ride cleevio website mockup cleevio website mockupconceptual illustration of a woman adjusting a square on an app's project sheet. Depict the idea of project development conceptual illustrations depicting project development and managing data.conceptual illustrations to depict the ideas of designing an app and user testingsix illustrated icons for cleevio websiteconceptual illustration of a man trowing a boomerang. to depict the idea of continuous development