illustrated portrait of Augusto

Hi, I'm Augusto

a Brazilian illustrator available for freelance work.

I spend most of my time creating shape based illustrations
and animations for clients and personal projects.

You can find me on
Get in touch for commissions or just to say hi.

my work

My work is shape-based, with a pinch of geometry, a lot of linocut-inspired textures and some bold colors. I focus my work on the conceptual aspect of the images, using few elements to effectively communicate an idea. Iʼm fascinated by the idea of an “optimized communication” – providing the maximum of meaning through saying or showing the minimum. I try to apply that idea on everything I can.

awards & exhibitions

2017 Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé
2016 Latin American Ilustration 5 – AI-AP
2016 Student Scholarship Competition – Society of Illustrators
2015 2nd International Student Poster Bienalle – ISPB Lublin 2015
2015 SCAD Far From Home Exhibitions
2013 Ars Manualis
2012 Carte da Giocco a Confronto: Brazil e Itália
2011 Você Conhece Santa Maria

on the web

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Latin American Illustration 5
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